Types of crime fiction

Why write crime? It is popular, the best-seller lists are packed with crime fiction. You can explore deeper issues such as exploitation, nature of evil, political corruption etc

The difference between crime fiction and adventure fiction Andre Jute in his book “Writing a Thriller” suggests that crime fiction thrillers always have an element of betrayal, whereas adventure thrillers nearly always feature a threat from an outside force.

Different types of crime fiction The field is wide and whatever your interest there is probably a crime book catering to that world.

Inside this there are different types of thriller

The whodunnit, usually typified in books by Agatha Christie

The whydunnit – Nicholas Freeling, Simenon

The police procedural – Ed McBain

The caper – Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard

Private eyes – Raymond Chandler

Spies – John Le Carre

The political thriller – Richard Condon

The psychological thriller – Ruth Rendell

The chiller – Val McDermind

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