3. Our latest newsletter

Below is our Programme for 2019-2020. We look forward to welcoming you at one of the meetings below.

All our sessions are held on the second TUESDAY of the month, 8pm at:

The Beck Centre, Heron Hill, LA9 7NZ


Session Subject

New Year Welcome – Open Session

It’s time to pack up the barbie and cover the patio furniture. Forget summer, Writers’ Group is back. Bring something for us to get our teeth into.

Market Report

A report on current trends in both traditional & independent publishing with some ideas & resources.

The Interview – An Exercise

An interview can be a great set-piece in fiction. Write a short (500) word scene which has as its centrepiece an interview. Ideas for this: job interview, live on TV interview, police interview, medical consultation, exam viva. Shorter task to allow for other part of session.

Themed Session – The Reunion

Any scene where two or more people meet after a long time apart can be a good opportunity for writing. Some obvious examples: school reunion, a funeral, an exile/ex-pat returns to the country, the return of the prodigal child, first day on a new job and meeting an old friend/lover.

Christmas Writing/ Open Session / Christmas Party –

Priority given to submissions with a Festive theme. Also the annual group photo.

Totally Open Session – Bring whatever you want – so long as it’s 1,000 words or so.
Poetry Priority / Non-fiction – Open topic

The one session in the year when prose fiction is NOT on the menu. Poetry or non-fiction writing only.

Judging a Book by its Cover (and / or Guest Speaker)

Whether it’s launching your novel or putting some poems in a booklet as a gift to your beloved, the cover has a disproportionate impact on the reception. This month we look at a variety of issues connected with covers, and which may stray into marketing images and other visual topics. We may or may not have a guest speaker to shed some light on this issue.

Totally Open Session – 

(This is the day after Easter Monday – may be changed) Bring something you’re working on.

Variety of form – An Epistolary Adventure

Samuel Richardson’s Pamela is often cited as the first great novel in English. It was composed entirely of correspondence. Write something for the modern age composed entirely of emails/texts/WhatsApps/ Instagram Posts. Emojis count as one word. OR you can write something historical which has, like, actual, you know, dead tree posts.

Themed Session – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
We all know the story of Bottom’s misadventures in the Athenian forest. Write a modern take on this in whatever form you like, so long as it’s 1,000 words or so. The only limits to this adventure are your imagination and your talent. 
Open Session –

Bring Something you’ve been working on to get a progress check before the summer break.


** Rules regarding pieces brought along to the meetings is that they must be 1,000 words or less and all your original work. You are not obliged to follow the theme for the session, but those who do will get priority.


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